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Tonka Variants

Tonka made many variations of the same design. Here are some of the Tonkas in my collection.

Mighty Mixers in different sizes

The first Tonka cement mixer #120 was introduced in 1960.
#120 the first Tonka mixer 1960

The second one, similar design but with white walled tires #620 was introduced in 1962.
#620 the 2nd Tonka mixer 1962 with white wall tires In 2003 Hallmark offered an Ornament from the same design but much smaller at 3inches.
Hallmark Ornament

1st Gear produced this rendition of the early Tonka mixer. 1st Gears rendition of the early Tonka Mixer

Here's what I have of the Tonka Jeep design.

Trinket BoxTrinket Box 486 275
salt & pepper   Salt & pepper Set  salt & pepper
Belt clip   and one that clips to your belt.
Solid Crystal
solid crystal mixer

In 1992 McDonald's offered this Tonka in their Happy Meal collection. 1992 McDonald's Happy Meal
1994 Avon ProductsAvon Products offered the same exact truck in 1994.
Gas Turbines started in 1965 and carried on for many years.
1161 708

157 81 Color variation from construction sets
Mini Tonkas at 5 inches301 303
A classic Tonka dump truck trailering a mixer

Perky Pear
941 941a
967 830

Sanson Rico
Sanson Tonka of Spain Here are a couple of Tonkas from Spain.

Lil Chuck times 2 LiL Chuck can be heard on the Audibles page.

435 1317

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