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Custom Made Mixers

From all different sources, this is a group of mixers and a form truck that I had made with the Chandler logo.

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I drove from Massachusettes to Pennsylvania on the day after Thanksgiving in 1996 to pick up a mixer I had ordered. The builders thought too much of it to subject it to shipping.
Here I am, the proud new owner taking delivery of a custom built Mack mixer at Buddy K Toys. Owner Bud Krouse is pictured here with me on the left and Butch Buss, custom builder for Buddy K Toys is here on the right.

Bud Krouse owner of Buddy K Toys and me  Butch Buss of Buddy K Toys and me

It was a great visit with Bud and Butch, and a thrill to see Bud's collection of rare and custom Buddy L toys, but this truck that they made for me is one of my favorites.
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custom Mack   custom Mack
and here she is at home in my collection.

The mixer is a 1920's Buddy L with modified parts, custom chainfall, and an extended chute by Butch to accurately replicate a truck of the era.
Real Macks didn't have the bulldog mascots until the 30's, but I decided to put one on anyway. The truck was built before e-mail was available to me so mostly we communicated through snail mail and the telephone.
I also have some pictures of the ordering and building process,color samples and a trial fit of the proposed parts. It was similar to when I ordered a real Mack DM in 1980, in that I had to spec out all my options. The colors are exactly the ones I used on my real trucks.

More coming soon

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