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The Collector

This Collector's passion started at an early age.
This Collector's passion started at an early age.

After working on the "wrong" end of concrete mixers forming foundations for more than 25 years, I admitted I had cultivated a passion for collecting toy mixers.
Along the way I came across many vintage construction toys I just had to have. The collection grew so large I decided to build a garage to display the collection along with some of my larger toys.

toy museum

Collecting toy trucks and vintage construction equipment brings me back to the world of the young child when we had time to play. It's fascinating to examine what was considered a toy generations ago and compare it to the toys of today. My interest is in collecting toys of construction, as opposed to toys of destruction that are currently so popular. I've been doing this unconsciously most of my life beginning with the toys that my four brothers and I played with as kids. I've been collecting "seriously" for the past 20 years.
In that time I've come to realize that collecting anything is often more about the people you meet and the friends you make, than it is about the acquisition.

Here's an overview of The Chandler Collection of Concrete Mixers
located in Medway, MA.

There are more than 1500 cataloged toy concrete mixers and related items on display.
Please click on the pictures below for a closer look and more information.

toy mixer collection in cabinets

mixers organized on shelves

 cement company signs     advertising items aka smalls

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