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An Odd place to find a cement mixer:

Last year I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer. While sitting in a Urologist's office I couldn't help but focus on the diecast cement mixers on the shelf behind his head. After our consultation I asked him why he would have concrete mixers in his office. He explained that the company (IVAX Pharmaceuticals ) developed the drug Elmiron, that contained "building blocks" which act to reconstitute the bladder lining. In the most simplistic terms;
"It's like pouring a new foundation into a person's bladder,"
hence the cement mixer concept designed to establish brand identity.

After a few minutes of explaining to him how I collect mixers and didn't have one of these I was able to talk the Doctor into giving me one. The other items I bought on eBay.

elmiron promotional items

More coming Soon!

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